The Power of Print
Thunderwolves Hockey Yearbook

A fan's favourite keepsake that featuring color artwork, advertisements, statistics, player photos, action photographs, player profiles, and prizes.

Varsity Cup Program

Another souvenir keepsake. Maximize your corporate exposure by supporting this high profile event.

Thunderwolves Hockey Game-Day Programs

Up-to-date team and league information including standings, statistics and team rosters. Also a great location for couponing.

Ad Size Yearbook Varsity Cup Pro. Game Pro. Bundled
Inside Front Page $2500 $1800 $2500 $5175
Inside Back Cover $2000 $1500 $2500 $4375
Back Cover $3000 $2000 $2500 $5875
Full Page $1200 $1000 $2500 $3075
1/2 Page $650 $600 $600 $1450
1/3 Page $450 $400 $400 $990
1/6 Page $275 $250 $250 $625

Website Opportunities

Visit the Thunderwolves website for the latest team information and news including player rosters and stats, schedule, league standings, events and much more. The Thunderwolves Hockey website is the most visited CIS hockey website in the country with over 170,000 visits annually. On top of this, visitors to our site view an average of 10 pages per visit. Get 24 hour a day exposure on a local, regional and national level. Let your company be seen by over 170,000 potential customers!

Main Top of Mind Banner Advertising - $1500

  • An average of over 150,000 views of your ad per hockey season
  • Your ad on every page of the site
  • Only 10 ad spaces available, so you can get maximum exposure
  • Your ad appears once every 10 page views
  • Large standard web banner with animation capability
  • Links to your website

20% off a website ad when you buy a bundled print package!

News Article Banner - $1000

  • Your ad appears on our most visited webpage
  • Your ad appears within a news article
  • An average of 40,000 views of your ad per hockey season
  • Only 15 ads available, so you can get maximum exposure
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News side panel - $500

  • Ad appears on our most visited webpage
  • Affordable exposure, while supporting the team
  • Links to your website